5 Questions to Ask Your Digital Signage Vendor

5 Questions to Ask Your Digital Signage VendorWhen you are working on launching your first digital display, it can be challenging to know where to start.
With a range of factors to account for such as content, placements, budget, etc., it can be an intimidating task, but in many cases, a good vendor can assist you in getting started on the right track.

Start by asking your vendor questions such as:

Is there training available?

It is essential to find out how much training your vendor offers and also inquire if they offer follow-up training if you experience an issue in the future. If they have a specific training manual, request a copy.

Is there a type of content creation you recommend?

Your vendor may offer their own content creation services, while others may have a connection to a specialist they can refer you to. If you are going to be creating the content on your own, check with the vendor to see if they have any resources or tools that can help you get started.

What type of analytics do you offer?

To ensure you are receiving a return on your investment in digital signage, it is essential to ask your vendor if they offer any for you to measure how effective your digital signage has been. This can help you better determine what is working and what isn’t.

How often is your software updated?

Updates to software keep it working smoothly; if your vendor doesn’t update their software very often, it could lead to significant issues for your digital signage. Be sure to ask them how often they perform a software update.

Do you offer any warranties? If so, what types?

A warranty can help protect your investment by covering incidents of product malfunction or damage. Be sure to ask your vendor what they offer and take your time to read the fine print.

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