5 Signage Trends for 2019

Digital Signage TrendsDigital signage is transforming, with a variety of new trends becoming popular for 2019.
From artificial intelligence to connected clouds, digital signage is continuing to advance in new ways that impact organizations and businesses.

Some of the significant trends for 2019 include:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become popular through the use of virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Home, and other devices. With the advancement of AI chips and IoT devices, artificial intelligence can now be used for much more than providing the weather information or playing your favorite song.

AI will not only affect signage but will also have an impact on the digital market in general. With its increase in scale and its wide range of benefits, AI is growing rapidly across a broad range of industries. When it comes to marketing AI provides you with the ability to gather data and focus your marketing plans more precisely. This also allows you to personalize your marketing and add interactivity into the mix.

Smart Spaces

Smart spaces or interactivity provides empowerment to the consumer, allowing them to browse products in-store and make inquiries about items that are out of stock. Interactivity works hand in hand with AI, helping AI to gather and apply information more easily.

Smart spaces are a physical or digital environment where people, services, processes, and things interact together. This helps to create a more interactive, immersive, and automated experience for targeted audiences and industry situations.

Examples of smart space include smart homes, connected factories, and digital workplaces.

Better Customization/Personalization

Predicting customer behavior is crucial to the effectiveness of digital advertising. Customers of the digital age likely expect your business to understand what people want and expect from your products and services. This is where personalization is key in your digital signage campaigns.

With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and interactivity, the options you have for personalizing your digital signage content is growing every day. More personalized content help to ensure the customer will remember the interaction they had with your business.

Growing Budgets for More than Just Technology Goals

With these advancements in technology, businesses are viewing these changes as a business opportunity, not just a goal for IT or technology. To address these changes in digitization, companies are increasing their budgets to include funds for machine learning, data science, and analytics.

Digital Ethics

With these growing trends in digital transformational and digital signage, privacy and ethics need to be the top priority of companies, especially those in the government sector. To protect your company and your customers, it is essential to use the right devices and network security to keep your information safe, in addition to ensuring all employees follow privacy laws.

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