Benefits of Digital Signage for Universities

Benefits of Digital Signage for UniversitiesPittsburgh is home to over 29 colleges and universities. Not to mention, there are hundreds of institutes and higher education campuses that dot the entire Western Pennsylvania region. The University of Pittsburgh alone has nearly 20,000 students enrolled in their undergraduate program.

With thousands of students looking for information, it’s important for schools to convey the same information, in a consistent manner. So, how exactly should school administrators get their messages across? The answer is simple, a unified campus-wide digital signage program!

This month, iCandi-LED/3-Rivers Sign explains why and how you can effectively communicate to your students, teachers, and community.

Provide Accurate Information in Real-Time

College students, ranging from prospective students to incoming freshman to post-grads, look to their schools to receive accurate updates on daily information. Whether you are communicating student highlights, campus events or enrollment deadlines, universities should be providing the same message, the same way, all the time.

On too many occasions we have seen one department communicating information via the under-used intranet, other’s utilizing flyers and message boards, while some use college-based emails or newsletters.

If each department is trying to relay university information in several different ways, things can easily get lost in translation. Not to mention, when you have a 20-page term paper, media club, a swim meet, and homecoming to attend, students need a streamlined way to get updates on school information.

Cost-Effective and Consistent Communication

Campuses investing in systematic digital signage platform find it’s not only a cost-effective way to provide information, but it’s also a consistent way to send out the same message from various places, like school labs, dormitories, and parking garages. This is also key in the event of emergencies where urgent information and instructions can be broadcasted campus-wide.

Today’s cloud-based digital signage systems allow updates to be made anytime and from anywhere. And, with a single content-portal, you only require one service contract and one customer support channel versus groups of systems having to work together throughout the campus.

This cloud interface also allows schools to give permission to various users so each department can still create messaging for their particular students, yet the unified platform is still connected through one portal.

As universities take strides to advance their own education and technology in the 21st century, it’s important to consider upgrading to a state-of-the-art digital signage platform. If you are a school administrator and you’re interested in learning more about a cloud-based, digital signage strategy please contact iCandi-LED/3-Rivers Sign at 412-939-6004.