Do Digital Signs Meet Government Standards?

Digital Signs and Government StandardsSecurity is a significant concern for most businesses, especially those who are considering using digital signage, but especially for those in the government sector where security regulations are much stricter than in the private sector.

Some digital signs meet government regulations while others do not. It all comes down to the hardware used in the sign that makes the difference.

The Defense Information Systems Agency & Digital Signage

The Defense Information Systems Agency, also known as DISA, plays a crucial role in IT security throughout all of the government organizations. Products that are certified by DISA must be put through extensive testing and evaluation process. These products are then pre-approved for sale to a range of government agencies.

When it comes down to it, government agencies require hardware security to be impenetrable. When hardware is added a government network, it is crucial that the device is locked down 100%, unless prompted by the administrator. When looking to incorporate digital signs in the government sector, you will need to find a media player that can be programmed to wait for instructions on how, when, and if it should connect to the internet. This is crucial to keeping within the security regulations within government applications.

Consider How Likely the Hardware is to Be Hacked

When you are seeking hardware for government projects, it is critical that you look at how likely it is that this piece of hardware will be hacked, used to distribute appalling content or to ruin a business’s reputation, endangers lives or invade privacy.

When you connect any device over a network, you put that device at risk of being corrupted or breached, so when using media players doe digital signage in the government sector, it is critical to use an operating system that is commercial grade and purpose-built. It is vital to avoid systems sun by Android or Windows because they are unable to be locked down and experience frequent attacks from hackers.

Trade Agreements Act of Congress and Digital Signage

When looking for digital signage, you have to be sure to also comply with the additional requirements for federal government purchases set by the Trade Agreements Act of Congress, also known as the TAA. As you begin your search, focus on digital signage solutions that meet both the DISA and TAA regulations.

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