Go Green…Go Digital

Go Green Digital SignsAs technology advances, so does outdoor digital signage.
Digital signage has grown and has become even more effective at helping business owners reach their customers.

At iCandi-LED we are eager to help you find the best digital signage for your business to help you enhance the experience of your customers.

Environmental Benefits of Digital Signage

New trends in digital signage are driven by experience, consumerism, and environmental concerns. With a global concern for preserving the Earth and making more environmentally-friendly products, digital signage provides a wide range of environmental benefits.

Digital signs help the environment by:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint that is associated with the manufacture and shipping of the paper.
  • Using less paper waste by allowing businesses to advertise without the need for static signage that needs to be reprinted.
  • Reducing the number of chemicals, adhesives, and inks that are involved in the printing process.

The Effect of Environmental Concerns on the Future of Digital Signage

With advancements in technology, there are a variety of changes happening with digital signage. These signs are becoming more efficient with low-power digital signage. This type of signage offers both environmental savings and cost savings to your business.

With intelligent brightness controls, that automatically adjust to the brightness, dimming the screen on cloudy days and at night, making them much more efficient than older monitors. Other monitors that don’t require additional heating or air conditioning, requiring less energy to run daily. Some monitors with media can also turn off the screen automatically for another energy-saving benefit. This helps to keep your costs lower, making them an excellent option for the environment and your bottom line.

While you are shopping around for more environmentally friendly advertising options, digital signage is one of the best options you can consider to provide your customers with an enhanced digital experience that does not harm that the planet.

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