Advantages of digital signs in the Healthcare industry

Whether you run an intimate private practice or a complex city hospital, digital signs have the power to inform, update, and entertain—enhancing the whole patient experience.

When a patient or their loved seeks medical help, the last thing they need is the added complexity of navigating a facility or sitting in a full waiting room wondering, When will it be our turn?

Imagine the ways digital signage could improve your healthcare facility.  Here are just a few creative ways 3 Rivers Sign has been helping:

Communicate wait times on digital screens

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in a room full of people, wondering how much longer your wait will be. Studies show people are better able to handle the stress of wait times when they know how long the wait is to be. Not only that, digital screens can provide useful information while people wait, reducing their anxiety.

Inform, entertain and raise awareness for safety

  • Seize the opportunity to display relevant information
  • Act as an emergency alert system for extra safety precaution
  • Entertain the masses thereby passing the time more quickly and enjoyably.
  • Promote products, services, and events for additional revenue opportunities – even selling space to advertisers
  • Use multiple forms of content to engage your audience
  • Update visitors on news and other aspects of the healthcare facility

Help patients and visitors navigate using interactive kiosks

Ease the stress and confusion of finding their way with interactive kiosks. Whole information systems have been designed with wayfinding in mind. It provides a sense of safety and security during a highly stressful experience. Include maps to doctor offices, the parking lot, cafeterias, and more.

Replace bulletin boards

Go green! Keep your hospital staff abreast of new work policies, procedural changes, new treatments, safety measures and more—without wasting paper. Replace previous whiteboards. Gain the ability to make the same content available on multiple digital signs across the whole campus at once.

Are you ready to get started?

Digital signage is an ideal solution for the dynamic Healthcare industry. Information can be updated on the fly, across multiple locations, thereby sharing important messages in real time. Patients will return to your facility or office – and spread the word to their family and friends – when they have an enjoyable experience.

Reach out to 3 Rivers Sign to talk about how our digital signs can work for you!