How can I Sell More Using an Outdoor LED Sign?

There’s a variety of ways to reach your target audience. Outdoor LED signs are the first step in engaging your customers. Now that you have your sign in place, what’s next?

Entice your audience to act.

You’ll need strong visuals including images and graphics, but most important is the content. Don’t just push content out there, adding to the noise. For example:

  • Rather than ask people to like your Facebook page, offer up an incentive: FREE $10 voucher when you like us on Facebook.
  • Create a call to action such as: Stop in today for a buy one get two special offer!
  • Offer an upgrade with the purchase of something.
  • Instead of advertising the arrival of a new product, offer a percentage off of that new arrival.

Tweak the wording to make your content urgent, engaging, and effective. Use trigger language such as limited time only, exclusive offer, free, extra, etc. Create messages that endure, staying on the mind of your viewers. Employ a call to action

Your goal is to drive a viewer to act. You need a strategy.

Digital signage is a great way to display a call to action.

A call to action should be concise and relevant. Make it convincing. Everyone is busy—why should we care? Why should we take the time to do something? Make sure the benefit is clear and the pay-off is appealing.

For example, don’t just ask viewers to visit your website. Have them go there for a reason—to download a coupon for a free appetizer. To enter to win a give-away of products or services. To order online today for free shipping plus a percentage off their total order.

Ready to get started?

Reach out to 3 Rivers Sign to take your business to the next level with outdoor LED signs. Have a question about marketing strategies? We can help. Call us today to start enticing viewers to take the next step!