How to Make Your Audiences Linger with Digital Signage

How to Make Your Audiences Linger with Digital Signage

When you’re running a digital-signage campaign, content and design can make or break your overall marketing efforts. In order to be effective, content messaging should be clear and the design should grab the viewers’ attention. With a population of short attention spans, our fast-paced world relies on good content and eye-catching representation.

Screen scrutiny

The first thing to consider is the screen or screens you plan on using. You should pay close attention to screen resolution and aspect ratio during the design phase. Where will the sign be located? What do you intend on displaying? Touchscreens allow you to incorporate state-of-the-art features, so consider if you’ll be utilizing a static screen or touchscreen version. Things to consider when choosing your screen type:

  • Single screen display
  • Groups of screens
  • Video walls
  • Layout
  • Interactive or static


As mentioned above, we live in a fast-paced world and we mean this literally. If your putting signs on a freeway, alongside airport people-movers or within a heavily traveled corridor, you need something simple, that’s going to pop-out at the viewer and get the message across quickly. Save detailed layouts for intersections with traffic lights, ticket-lines and waiting areas where viewers will have more time to engage and appreciate a more detailed layout. Be sure to also:

  • Rotate your layout throughout the day, to keep the viewers’ attention
  • Design your layouts around your target audience
  • Utilize full-screen and multizone layouts

Create a clear message

Follow these basic rules of digital design when creating your layout:

  • Don’t overuse images.
  • Keep the combination of graphics, images and fonts at a minimum
  • Use 2 fonts, at most, that complement each other and don’t use anything fancy unless it’s part of your corporate branding guidelines.
  • Don’t overcrowd your messaging with too much text.
  • Understand the perceptions of color
  • Take a step back, about 6-feet, and be sure the signage is clearly legible.

Call to Action

Messaging isn’t just about getting the message across, it’s about making the viewer a part of the process. Ask your audience to respond to your “ad” by something like signing up for an event or sharing the message with a colleague. Not only does this engage your viewers, but it’s also a great way to gather responses to your digital signage campaign. If you’re not getting feedback, maybe you need to tweak your content or design. Include some of these in your message design:

  • Text message responses
  • Smartphone snaps
  • QR Code/mobile tagging
  • Bluetooth triggers
  • Coupon codes
  • Social media tags, like Facebook and Instagram
  • Interactive polls and surveys

The goal of a digital-signage campaign is to first get noticed, and second to reel in the customer. By creating a deliberate design, you’ll be ahead of the game before you even start. Call iCandi-LED/Three Rivers Sign for all of your LED digital-signage needs – 412-939-6004!