Getting the Boss to say “Yes” to LED Signage

When it comes to investing in digital signage, your best bet is to appeal to the decision maker in your company. To help your plight, we offer six strategies to entice your boss to sit up straighter:

1. Share how digital signage will set the business apart from the competition

With digital signage, you gain visible, quick, real-time messaging that is on-location. What better way is there to introduce new services and products to your target audience than to place it before their eyes?

2. Show how digital signage will improve the operations of the business

  • Quickens the time to market by efficiently introducing new products and services
  • Promotes your brand to create awareness and gain new market share
  • Helps you stay one step ahead of the competition
  • Keeps it real time, which keeps it relevant
  • Reduces cumbersome and unnecessary advertising costs and methods

3. Show how digital signage will exceed customers’ expectations

  • Displays promotional campaigns that a customer can scan using their smartphone, linking a customer to the business
  • Influences your target customer’s decision-making process so they choose you!
  • Provides easy access to all products and services to aid in that process
  • Updates your existing customers to keep them informed and happy
  • Plants the seed for mobile interaction, the way of the future

4. Demonstrate that you’ve done your research

  • Gain the ability to manage and tailor the messaging remotely and on the fly
  • Set start and end dates for promotional campaigns
  • Stream video, social media feeds, and other updates inside and out of your facility
  • Optimize existing processes that involve staff—posting schedule changes, etc.

5. What is needed to implement digital signage?

IT skills, content creation, and maintenance will be involved, but you can propose:

  • Assemble your own in-house team to handle these tasks
  • Request a supplier to install and update the information
  • Outsource the set-up but handle content creation in-house or use some other hybrid scenario.

6. What are the risks involved?

Every CEO will want to know this. Ensure your boss that while every project has risk, in this case the benefits outweigh the risk. While the mobile interaction will require IT expertise, it’s probably already available in-house. If not, you outsource and get it done. Either way, you are investing in the future of your business in a digital age. What better reason is there?

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