Planning Your Digital Signage Content Strategy 

Planning Your Digital Signage Content Strategy Phase 1: Define your goals

The first step in creating your digital signage content strategy begins with defining a goal. Are you in the entertainment industry promoting live music acts hoping to entice more patrons to visit your venue? Are you in retail looking to gain foot traffic for a holiday sale.
Maybe you are the business of education and you’re reminding students to register for classes for the upcoming semester. Whatever your goal, once you define it, you can build out your strategy from there.

Phase 2: Know your audience

Who is your audience? What are their business needs? What motivates them? Understanding your client-base and viewers will help you create engaging messaging. Catchy and informative content will help bring customers to your door.

Phase 3: Revisit existing marketing tools

Unless you’re a brand-new business organization, you likely have an existing website, social media presence or various types of marketing collateral, like brochures, to refer to. What does this mean for your digital signage strategy? It means you already have a content strategy. Refer to these tools and recycle messaging and images and incorporate them into your digital signage.

Phase 4: Consider the timing of your messaging

If your viewers only have 1-2 minutes at a traffic light to read a sign, don’t create a 5-minute message because they won’t have enough to view it. However, if your viewers have a 5-minute wait-time, they’ll be annoyed with a 1-minute message loop because they’re viewing the same content 5 times. Also, consider this scenario. If you’re offering a nightly dinner special, you’ll want to display this around dinner time, not during your breakfast rush. Vice versa, don’t market your breakfast specials during dinner time. Be sure to strategically time your messages based on the wait-time and timeframe people will have to view it.

Phase 5: Consider add-ons

Enhance your content by adding generic information like the date & time, weather forecasts or travel information. This catchy content that will grab the attention of your viewers, causing them to continue reading your message.

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