Proving ROI for Digital Signage

LED sign, digital signage

With the advent of digital signage, businesses are able to engage with their target audience like never before. A tremendous tool that is affordable to implement and manage, digital signage enables you to craft tailored messages on the fly and change them at any time.

A dynamic, high-definition solution

Digital outdoor signage is quickly becoming a popular way to advertise. In the past, print advertising was king, but thanks to advances in technology, you can now implement and modify your messages daily and at all times of day!

Geographic proximity helps generate leads

Studies show that consumers tend to be creatures of habit and are more likely to act when they feel familiar with a business or organization. With LED digital signage, you can communicate with customers in your geographic area on a daily basis, enticing them to return time after time.

Measure digital signage return on investment

With your digital signage, you can test out strategies and benchmark what works best. Measure return on investment to determine the impact and effectiveness of the tool. Here are some factors in calculating your return on investment:

What is your projected revenue? Do you know how many people pass by your business each day? From there you can also calculate the number of impressions your content makes.

What is the total cost of purchasing and installing the LED sign? You’ll also need to know the electrical expenses for running the sign (you can power off overnight to save here) and any maintenance involved.

What are your net sales and profits? Compare what you’ve made with previous revenue prior to your LED signage to see the payoff.

Do you want to learn more about implementing LED signs?

When you purchase a digital LED sign, you invest in your business. Today’s savvy business owner wants to be positioned in the best possible light, setting their business apart from the rest. Call 3 Rivers Sign today to learn how you can implement LED digital signs to promote your products and services.