Using LED Signs for Public Service Announcements

LED sign

Digital signs are an excellent way to share information and influence decision-makers in your community. Businesses today are allocating marketing dollars to LED signage to set themselves apart. You can maximize your investment in this powerful communication tool in a variety of ways.

Break through the clutter

In today’s digital world, businesses who embrace technology such as LED signage are the ones who succeed. It used to be challenging to draw attention to your place of business, but digital signs make it easy to effectively connect with customers. They’ll know where to find you and when you’re open, but more than that, you can entice people in through the door with specials and promotions.

Put your content strategy to work

You’ve got their attention—now what? Make it count. Be sure your content strategy is relevant, timely, informative, and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to use humor, which can go a long way. Announce sales events and specials.

Earn the public’s trust, no matter your industry

With high-quality content and images—limit to one theme or idea per slide so as not to confuse the issue—you will be amazed at the level of engagement that results in outdoor digital signs. Owners of businesses in the restaurant, entertainment, retail, construction, and hotel industries are enjoying huge perks with the use of LED signs.

Announce who you are

You’ve established your brand and are proud of it. Now you’ve got the perfect mechanism to showcase that logo, slogan, and everything else you represent. Maybe you partner with other retailers to hold events. Or give back to the community in charitable ways. Create awareness and showcase your products and services. It’s a great differentiator.

Make an impact, with fewer advertising dollars

With the ability to make your company more prominent to passersby, you now can save in other areas of advertising. Most consumers shop where they are familiar. You can change your messaging on the fly, with no extra cost to you, so this is a huge advantage. No more print costs for static marketing materials.

Public Service Announcements have never been easier

Need to share important information about the weather, traffic patterns, emergencies? Use LED signage to alert the public you serve of pertinent information.

Want to know more about LED signage?

Reach out to 3 Rivers Sign today to learn how you can incorporate this leading-edge technology to enhance your business. Make LED signs part of your marketing plan to further your reach.