Are you looking for a way to attract new customers to your auto body shop, gas station, or car dealership? Why not consider adding outdoor LED signs? The folks here at 3 Rivers Sign have been supplying businesses in the automotive industry with digital outdoor signs for years, with amazing results.

Here we’ll share some of their secrets.

Outdoor LED Signs for Gas Stations

What will make a person decide to turn the steering wheel toward your gas station instead of your competitor’s station located across the street? An outdoor LED sign may make all the difference.

You can advertise specials that people driving by wouldn’t know about otherwise. All you need is a way to catch their eye, and encourage them to choose your service station instead of another. Then you can wow them with all that you have to offer and keep them coming back time after time.

Digital Signs for Auto Repair Shops

Where do you think customers go for their next oil change? Chances are, they’ll pull into the lot of the auto repair shop that advertises the most appealing offer.

With digital outdoor signs, you can display your offers and specials. Not only that, outdoor LED signs allow you to share your message at all times of the day or night, even when you’re not open. So, the advertising is doing its job even when you’re off.

LED Signs at Car dealerships

Want to announce end of the season close-out sales? New models that have arrived in your show room? Another special you’re running at the moment? Now you can. It’s easy and quick and flexible. You can update the message daily, or as often as you need.

To draw new customers onto your lot, you can create and display messages about buying and leasing and previously owned automobiles. Imagine a “test drive the latest model” type message to attract a potential customer who maybe didn’t even know he or she was in the market for a new car.

Choose from Digital LED signs of any size

You can go as large as you want with digital LED signs. Or you can place them at multiple locations throughout your automotive establishment. Maybe you’re located on a corner and want visibility from every direction.

Share all of the latest specials and promotions—in color!

Choose traditional red or amber LED letters or full color to really catch the eye of passersby. Outdoor digital LED signs do the work for you. Promote your business day and night and even while you’re on vacation.

Call 3 Rivers Sign today to learn more about our various digital outdoor LED signs and how they can boost your sales now and for the months and years to come.