Community and Local Organization Outdoor LED Signage Installation

One of the ways your community can be successful is through the introduction of outdoor LED signs. You can reach out to the public and spread the word about the many wonderful events and services going on right in your backyard.

Are you looking to get the word out in your community?

Look no further. At 3 Rivers Sign, we help churches, municipal entities, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and medical centers reach out to the public they serve to keep them informed about what’s happening right in their community.

Outdoor LED Signs for Churches

Active congregations are capable of amazing things. Are you looking to engage the current and future members of your parish and get them involved in your church? An outdoor LED sign is a wonderful way to do it. You’ll even attract the eye of a passersby.

Digital Signs for Civil/Municipal Entities

Municipal groups tend to operate behind the scenes, relying on its residents to check a website for an update. But what if you were able to get messages out to the community you serve using an LED digital sign? People are on the go, and may not see your notice in the newspaper. But an outdoor lit sign is hard not to notice.

LED Signs for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities

An important and vibrant part of every community are the schools and students who make their home there. What better way to catch the eye of the students and parents and other community residents than an outdoor digital sign? The benefits are plenty:

Medical Centers

Want to engage the public in a big way? An outdoor LED sign can do the heavy lifting for you, 24/7. You can advertise walk-in hours, emergency care, preventive services and share other time-sensitive information to a wide audience.

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