LED Signage for Restaurants, Movie Theatres & Casinos

Many businesses rely on outdoor LED signs to catch the eye of their next customer. You can advertise your daily special, special promotions, or discounts on entrance tickets to draw a motorist or pedestrian into your establishment and stand out from your competition.

At 3 Rivers Sign, we help restaurants, bars, movie theaters, casinos, theme parks and other establishments attract patrons and keep them coming back again and again. Here’s how:

Outdoor LED Signs for Restaurants and Bars

Want to share menu and drink specials? Now you can. You can even adjust your message on the fly to communicate in real time, and keep it fresh and relevant.

Maybe you operate a family friendly restaurant and want to do a movie night to draw in parents of small kids. Or, advertise you wing night and a buy one get one on Tuesdays. You can also offer public service announcements such as a Happy Labor Day!

Digital Signs for Casinos and Theme Parks

Digital outdoor signs are very popular among casinos and theme parks as well. To draw patrons in, you may update your message to reflect the day of the week specials such as or a 50% off deal that’s only good for one day, special admission rates, and more. These messages can be tied to your promotions, and then be changed whenever you want. Let your creativity loose and see your patrons take action.

LED Signs in Movie Theatres

Announce movie shows and times and special pricing on certain days, among other fun perks such as snack boxes for the kids and more. Any coming attractions you want to advertise? Go for it. The sky is the limit here.

Wedding venues

Welcome wedding parties and other large events such as proms or reunions. Remember, outdoor LED signs allow you to get the message out about your location, and continually emphasize that message, even during your off hours, which in the advertising world is known as location branding.

Choose from an array of choices to fit any budget

Whether you want to go as big a billboard, for highway visibility, or you’d prefer a smaller sign for local, slower traffic is entirely up to you. The wonderful thing is we offer that flexibility in choices to fit your goals and budget.

Shine brighter than your competition

You’ll stand out among a sea of other establishments with signage that is in color, compelling, and clear. Nobody will be asking: where are you located? Or will pass you by because they couldn’t find you. Choose traditional red or amber LED letters or full color.

Before you make decisions on your advertising budget, reach out to 3 Rivers Sign today to see how our outdoor LED signs can help you attract more attention this summer.