We work hard, at 3 Rivers Sign, to supply business owners in the sports sector with the outdoor LED signs they need to not only attract, but to entertain and inform their customers. In fact, businesses all over the city are already using digital LED signs to bring more and more patrons into their gyms, fitness centers, arenas, and stadiums.

Outdoor LED Signs for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Want to share a special promotion such as an end of summer deal? Maybe you are running a special where new customers can join now and have the first 30 days for free? Or, you’re offering a free consultation with a personal fitness coach for a limited time?

With an outdoor LED sign, you can share these promotions and more and at all times of the day or night, even during your off hours. The advertising will be working for you even when you’re off. What’s even better is you can update the message daily, or as often as you want.

Digital Signs for Arenas/Stadiums

Digital outdoor signs are all the rage at stadiums and arenas. They provide you with the opportunity to inform and entertain. You can flash pictures of your athletes and their stats, show instant replays, play music videos during intermission, even turn the camera around and capture the fans in the audience. You name it. Imagine the possibilities.

LED Signs at Playing Fields

Want to announce future game times and special pricing? Now you can. Let patrons know about concessions and special deals. To draw people in, and keep them in your stands, you can create and display messages about the current sporting event and what’s to come. This may include special admission rates, game times, promotions, where to buy souvenirs and more.

Select Digital LED signs as big or as small as your budget allows

Digital LED signs can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Remember the last time you were at a Pirate’s game and watched the pierogi races on the jumbotron? Now you can have your very own jumbotron and use it to display all kinds of things. Have fun with it.

Stand out from the rest

Did you know the 3 Rivers Sign LED outdoor signage is in color? Create and share all the special information you want, when you want to. Choose traditional red or amber LED letters or full color.

As you are deciding on your advertising budget for the fall, call 3 Rivers Sign today to find out more about our digital outdoor LED signs and the many ways they can help your business this year.